2024 Vintage Report

"The best vintage ever!?!?!!" This year has been exceptional, marked by unique weather conditions and an outstanding harvest. Marlborough experienced a very dry winter followed by isolated spring frost events, leading to fewer bunches than usual. However, the quality of the fruit was outstanding.

This season also saw record-breaking dryness and sunshine, with drought conditions declared in mid-March. Fortunately, timely rain in early March refreshed our vineyards, preventing berry shrivelling and ensuring a healthy crop. The warm, sunny days and smaller yields meant our harvest started about two weeks earlier than usual. We even completed our Sauvignon Blanc harvest earlier than ever before. Cooler nights helped maintain excellent acidity levels, and disease pressure was remarkably low, allowing for a smooth and organized harvest.

Our harvest intern team, comprised of highly experienced individuals, significantly contributed to the creation of our fantastic wines. They thoroughly enjoyed their time at Sugar Loaf, and their efforts were truly invaluable. The 2024 vintage has also produced some standout wines. Our Pinot Gris has been exceptional, with remarkable fruit quality and a flawless fermentation process. Similarly, our Pinot Noir and Rosé, although smaller in yield, have shown exceptional quality from grape to ferment. As they sit in tank waiting to be bottled we can't help but sneak a taste or two..

Our Sauvignon Blanc, benefiting from the perfect growing conditions, was showcased at the recent 'Hazy Days' tasting event in Marlborough. This event brings together members of the Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW) to taste and compare their unfinished Sauvignon Blanc. The feedback confirmed that the 2024 Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough will be exceptional across the board!

We can't wait to share these amazing wines with you all so stay tuned for more updates!


- Joe